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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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4:30, and we'r getting reports of hail and loud thunder. >> we're kicking things off, three hours of team vege. doug and amelia standing by in the weather center. this came up quickly. >> absolutely. we're tracking hail and thunderstorms across the area. the gusts we're getting and hl g we'reting is incredible. >> we've had winds well over 50 miles per hour with the storm. we have a report of hail covering the ground in parts of the area. this is right now coming through downtown. you can see right around northwest theain pick up quickly. aiagainax county, northeastern prince william county, i want to zoom in and show you where this is. this is goi to be right
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through -- let's zoom on in amelia, thank you for that, right into tyson's corner right now. but falls church, right around fairfax, falls church if you live inside the beltway area here, this is the area we're watching around bailey's cross. you're getting the under, some lightning, hail right now and gettin 50 to 60 mile per hour unwinds. and this is coming downtown towahes arlington, boston area. watch out in these regions too. as we time it out, 4:05 right through downtown. brad dock at 4:07, arlington at 4:09. camp springs 4:18. this is what it did in leesburg, 15 mile an hour winds in downtown leesburg. coating the grass as far as hail is concerned.
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this is a serious storm we're going to continue to watch this for you. severe thunderstorm warning until 4:3 now. heads up this thing is moving quickl at 55 miles perhour. >> thank you, doug. doug will be tracking the system the next few hours and you can see the weather for your neighborhood any time in our nbc washington app. we are just learning the northbound george washington parkway is closed the entire weekd. there's a massive 10-foot deep sink hole there. adam tussas the details. >> reporter: the breaking news that we just learned over the last couple of minutes here, the gw parkway northbound between 123 and the beltway likel to be closed throughout the weekend. as can you see, a massive hole here on the northbound lanes, it goes deep. crews h to dig into that. basically a storm water drain burst, it was a 60-year-old pipe what we're told, well in over a
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foot in diameter, that was just overwhelmed likely by the rain we had yesterday, and nowws c have to get in there and p a new drainage pipe in there. chop 4er was over t area as the sink hole started to develop prepondera pa this nationa service said it is a big job and they're trying to get to it as fast as possible. as crews continue to work on the north side of the gw parkway, it's going to be a big closure that gs on for some time. again, this roadd clo throughout the weekend. back to you. a teenager is under arrest for making racially charged threats against charlottesville high school in virginia. charlottesville police arrested the 17-year-old today. he's charged with a felony for threatening to commit serious bodily harm on school property.
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the online threats targete specific ethnic groups at the school. police airst becameware of this on wednesday. as a precaution, school officials decid to close all nine public schools in the city for the past two days. tonight thereat mills high school community will hold a vigilance of remembrance. it's been a year since the shooting. tonight' vig is set for 7:00 p.m. at chancellor's runon re park. all week long the school has made extra counselors ailable for students who may need it. more people are coming forward saying they were victims of a suspected serial rapist. julian everett was in a prince george's county courtroom today for a bond hearing. he's accused of at least three rapes over the last 14 years. tracee wilkins has new details about this case.
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tracee? >> reporter: pat, we learned these new details in court. we heard about another case thas this man charged with, and that case happened in d.c. back in h01, whenwas a juvenile. that was mentioned by the state attorney today in court. and then we also heard that exclusive tip line set up for this case has been used as police are saying more victims are coming forward. this is the reason the state's eltorney told the judge he that everett needs to stay behind bars. a judge held julian everett without bond today after he wasp charged withg at least three women in the last 14 years. he was arrested yesterday after the police investigated him f ayear. >> he maintains his innocence and looks forward to clearing >> reporter: everett's attorney requested the 35-year-old be released on gps monitor, but the state's attorney told the herself it was important everett
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be held. >> because of the seriousness of this case, because of the potential danger to the public iat this person imposes, thought it was important for me to directly sta why this person needed to be held without bond. >> >> reporter: prince george's county police announced his arrest yesterday and urged manufacture victims to come forward. police say he would pose as a younger man on social media luring women, in two cases howard university students. >> he would cultivate relationships with those this would lead to a date. during the course of the date he would offer them a beverage to drink -- >> reporter: police said everett would then sexually assault the women. today in court it was revealed that calls from new potenti victims have been comingn on the tip line pice set u exclusively for this case. >> there were calls received
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bad on the ask of the police chief for additional victims to come forward. >> reporter: today in court everett had family members son, but did not ayin w s suppr make any other s comments orak with the media. prince george's county police still want to hear from potential victims. they're asking folks with information to calethat exclusip line. for more information on that, go to our website or nbc washington app. we're hearingrirom the stricken family of a woman killed by her own husband tonight. say she had just taken dt a restraining order against him the before he killed her. the scene unfolding i a home in dumfries yesterday. and as chris gordon explains, the victim had gone to that home to try to get away from her husband. >> reporter: police activity is followed by grief here over the
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death of lemlem habte. she came here fleeing from her husband, he tracked her down.po ce say he killed her and then turned the gun on himself. i spoke with one of her cousins. >> the family, they're all shocked and i'm also shocked. it's totally, you know, hard to accept. >> reporter: christopher quincer and his wife lived here in balsamtrt in woodbridge, virginia. on tuesday the couple argued in home. quincer physically assaulted his wife, then fled. she was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. officers got a misdemeanor warrant for domestic assault and battery againstim, and arranged a protective order. she went to stay with her family in dumfries. quincer allegedly h hunted
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down, killing her and then committing suicide. >> it's sad. she should have been protected more tha >> lemlem's brother told me the family is gathering here from across the country, that they are grieving. he said it's too soon and painful for any of them to speak out what happened here reporting from dumfries, virginia, chris g4.don ne tragic all the way around. thank you, chris. tews4 is committed raising awareness about domestic violence through our safe at home initiative. we have a complete listing o loca resources on the nbc washington app, go and search safe at home. as anticipation grows about completion of the mueller report, president tru ramping up his efforts to discredit the report and the probe. during an interview on fox business twork, trump called mueller a b ftriend to james comey. and before leaving for florida, the president w asked if he felt mueller was dishonest. >> we're going to happens.t
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it's going to be very interesting. but we'll see what happens. there was no llusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it.'s ll a big hoax. blayne alexander will have much more reaction from capitol hill in our next half hour. a well known washingtonls capi player says he is not going to join the team when they go to visit the white house next week. dave johnson standing by with this. >> goal tender holtby has joined mall group not meeting wittr president ump on monday. he chose not to go to stay true to his values, he said his support of the lgbtq community was one of th factors in making his decision. holtby said while he will not atte attend, he respects other player cootinhoosing to go.
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>> our team we're trying to take the most professenal way can, give every player the right to choose and stand by each and every one of us, regardless of what you. deci >> tj oshie and johnarlson said they will go to the white house on monday. the meeting is going to be in the oval office a it' going to be private. actress taraji p. henson stops by our studios. what she told us today about her future on "empire." a weather alert from storm te 4. doug, we have a severe thunderstorm warning out there? >> this is a nasty storm. 50 to 60 mile an hour winds with this coming right through downtown, around arlington, falls church seeing hail, it's coming down another a big clipr 4:30 that severe thunderstorm warning in effect for d.c., arlington, fairfax county, prce george's county. the wind whipping, the hail falling. ax county and ai
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around arlington and downtown, you're the folks that are going to see this the strongest over the next 10 to 15 minutes. we'll be back in a couple minutes with the latest onhis storm. a major development in a news4 coumer investigation, a businessman from virginia facing felonyha charges after w we covered. i'll explain. inew fngs about the dirtiest fruits and veggies in your kitchen, at leasthen w
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we're back with a storm team 4 weather alert. a severe thunderstorm warning up untilt 4:30 for m of us right now. we're getting reports of hail andhunder in the area. doug will be back to track where the storms are rightow and where they are going next. the thunderstorms aren't the only thing getting bigger ar nd the powerbal jackpot keeps on growing. it is the fourth largest in the games history right now. we saw people scooping up the tickets. the top prize for saturday night's drawing $625 million. not bad for ones night' work of ripping up tickets. that's just over 380 million if you take the lump sum. one has hit the lpowerb jackpot since the day after christmas. can you believe that? >> i can believe it. hang on to your beer
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glasses. there is a beer battle brewing in court over a controversial ad that you first saw during the super coors is suing anheuser-busch over this ad campaign. it says it deceives people making viewers think that millers and coors is brewed with high fruktose corn syrup. bud standsin b the ad. a major development tonight in a news4 consumer investigation. >> two felony charges have now en filedn maryland against a virginia busins owner thousands from customers who never got the ordered. quipment they consumer investigative reporter susan hogan with the
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eetails. you've on this one for a while. >> it has. these charges stem from aase told you about last week. a gaithersburg mom said she hired jim clore for a lift. but she tell us he never showed up, she had to get a lift somewhere else. so karen filed a complaint with the montgomery county unit, they investigated and this week clore is charged with two counts of felony thefov inber we told you about dozens of complaints against him and his companies, access mobility equipment and 2911 mobility, both are now osed. so some of his customers did receive refunds, others are out thousands.
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we reached out to clore today, he said the businesses are closed, and the business is in bankruptcy. >> fore who really need that equipment. >> i know. it keeps developingyi we're s on it, and going what's nextseeing every time we do one of these stories we hear from another. we'll see. >> thank you, susan.t' get back to something else that's still the thunderstorm, the first of the season. >> this is a city cam shot. this is fro pts of the crystal city area looking towards the airport. you can't see anything. the wind report at the airrt 59 mile per hour winds at the airportnt as this line ues to move on through here. you can see behind us we've seen clearing and sunshine but there are more showers back to the ixwest, eveng with snow in the higher elevations. this is coming down as hail and grople rightnow.
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prince william county -- rather prince george's county, fairfax county, and seoul earn prince william county all under a severe thunderstorm warning until 4:30.yo can see this intense line making its way off toward the southnd east. i want to show you what it did here about 1 20 minutes ago around the son's corner area, this ishe hail and grople, this is more grople coming down, when it hits, it's a little softer. look at it covering the ground here and covering the roadway. so this can make things slick. when it hits, it is going to hit softer on your windshield where hail is going to bounce more. grople is not solid ice.ix it's are of ice and snow. look at where the storm is. i want to zoom through the district, as we're moving through here, amelia you can zoom in f me if you want. right in here this is the area coming through alandria.
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if y live in alexandria, say you're in the old town of alexandria, this is hitting you right now. over toward oxson hill it's hitting you any mute now. it's going to come across the beltway and cause problems. along 295 seeing this whole line moving through district heights right now. upper marlboro you'll see it in 15 minutes. heads up in bowie at 4:16, right now. 4:23 camp springs. waldorf around 4:34. lvert county you get in on it as well as the line moves 40 to 50 miles per hour. very heavy rain and strong winds. 60 mile an hour winds we've seen themil and hail is not going to be very big. small, mostiky pea to dime-size hail, it's not going
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to cause issues except this is going to stick on theoaays as well. so we could see slick spots with this as it moves down to th south and east. i fully expect to see a warning ised as well for the rest of prince george's county, anne arundle county, and charles county as well. this is a fast moving storm. behind this it's going to get windy. we have a wind advisory in effect for parts of thearea. we could see more in the way of 40 to 50 mile per hou winds from d.c. westward. tomorrow afternoon not b but chilly early tomorrow. wind chills in the 20s and 30s. sunday is the day towatch, a high of 63 degrees. good chance of rain on monday but much colder as we head toward tuesday and wednesday. we doom however b very nice late next week. 60 on opening day for the
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tionals on thursday. warming to 72 next saturday. wh we do get that warning, it should come out in five to ten minutes w bring it live. >> we just want to see some sun after a this. that's all. >> coming tomorrow. a little later on, a 12-year-old from virginia getting international attention fo her gun control a jivism. >> sn us in our studio to talk about her work with see rinne williams. r check you freezer for tys tyson's chicken products, some of the food is being recalled because metal may be inside. a new safety initiative on
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we told you in just about a minutes we'd see a new warning. we have that including all of prince george's county southern anne arundle, calvert, st. mary's. this until 5:00tonight. i cannot stress this enough. this storm means business.
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youy need to s in doors, don't go outside until the storm passes. the wind is going to be a factor with this storm. we're going to see right now this line up through waldorf and towards the quantico area, we're seeing graupel now, this is argraupel for the most covering the ground. including covering some of the road surfaces s there, you might see problems on area roads. so we've seen winds gusting from 50 to 60 miles anhour. that's why we have the severe thunderstorm warning until 5:00 this afternoon. once this moves through, we're done with the severe weather i think but not the showers. through rs that come 50 d produce winds to 40 to miles an hour. and we have a wind advisory in effect the rest of the evening. we have a lot to talk about still and a lot to talk about for your weekend. d.c.ative and howard university alum tar paj. newns
4:26 pm
starring in a movie called "the best of enemies". it's about a woman forced to work alongside a kkk supporter. >> are you stilloing to be on "empire"? >> yeah. >> you're notoing iaway? not going anywhere. i'm making good money. >> i don't want to mess up your money. >> the best of enemies opens in washington d.c. o april 5th. she's excited about this new roll. >> sd hohebeul. talented and gr whatever she es. >> she gets to stretch her wings in this role. >> and stretch the money from empire. good luck with that home girl. doug isracking a line of
4:27 pm
storms this evening. >> he's back to tell us howt's developing. doug tells us what to expect next. plus we'll explain a unique approach to safety onia i head highway. as washington awaits word about the mueller report, president trump unloads on a whole new slew of is
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i 4:30 on a friday, if
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you are just joining us let's get you caught up. the northbound lanes of the gw parkway between route 123 and the beltway are expected to be closough the weekend. crews are working to fix a massive sink hole that opened below it. crews are toing to haveo get in there and put in a new drainage pipe this weekend. an accused serial rapist willemine in jail without bond. he's charged with raping three women in the last 14 years. police say more victims have started ard since they a tip line. the washington capitalsill go to the white house on monday without goal tender brayden holtby. he decided not to go because he wants to stay t e to his values. he has no problem with any of his teammates making the trip. the meeting on monday is
4:31 pm
private. >> it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. a severe thunderstor warning through 5:00 tonight. doug kammerer is in the storm center. >> i'mhe watching storm coming through parts of southern ryland, all of southern maryland under a thunderstorm warning until 5:00. northern parts of the charles county area, too. look at this line. we have seen the line come through and i has winds of 60 miles per hour, 59 mile an hou winds at the airport that came throughr there. lightning, some thunder with this, and a lot of graupel. we're seeing that cover the ground, including covering some roadways so you want tlbe caren this area down to the south, towards parts of southern marynd under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:00. waldorf 4:32.
4:32 pm
prince frederick at 4:53. look at this shot right now. this is as the storm hast made through d.c. so you see sunshine on the cathedral. look at the storm in the distance. you can see some of the ffy clouds in the thick dark area. an amazing storm i making way through here, 50 to 60 mile an hour winds behind it sunshine but a few more i'll have more in a few minutes. president trump has headedo southhe weekend, spending it at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. >> but he had a lot on hisbe mi re leaving the district. news4 blayne alexander at the white house with the details. once again stirring things upn a friday? >> reporter: leon, certainly a lot to talk about. and president trump had a l t to
4:33 pm
talk abo before he left to go to florida for the weekend. but he leaves behind a washington waiti for that report from special counsel robert mueller. estsident trump joining the of washington in the russia investigation guessing game. saying, he doe not know when special counsel robert mueller will submit his report and taking another swipe at the st ination. >> there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. >> reporter: but the end of mueller's investigation, expected any day now, only minor relief for president trump with house democrats ramping up investigations of their n. >> it's a continuation of the same nonsense. they ought to go to work, get afrastructure done and get lot of other things done. >> reporter: president trump focussing on his own accomplishments claiming isis territory in b syria hasn 100% eliminated. >> so here's isis on election day. and that's what we have right igw. as of last.
4:34 pm
that's what we have right now. yo guys can have the map. congratulations.ep >>ter: some critics say not so fast. >> in terms of people, isis is alive and well in syria, iraq and around the world and that fight will continue for, i think, years to come. >> reporte the president defending his situation to support israel's golan heights. praised by benjamin netanyahu but criticized by some at home. and president trump will host benjamin netanyahu here at theex white house week. some political capital for the israeli prime minister facing a tough reelection battle weeks away. >> thank you, blayne. pat? there is a new effort under way in prince george's county to make a dangerous stretch of road commuters.rivers and several members of the county
4:35 pm
council, along p witholice and fire officials have launched a new initiative, calling it driving at home. the goal is to raise awareness for safe driving on the indian head highway. theoad has seen several tragic and deadly accidents in recent months and years. the initiative focuses on six areas. the county launched the effort at oxon hill high school in a way to get young drivers involved. >> we believe any cultural change that takes place moving forward is going to be a student movement, a you people's movement. >> the county has als put a speed camera on route 210 and increased patrols in order to get drivers to slow down. putting aht spotlig on local students, interact club students
4:36 pm
collected thousands of canned goods in a creative competition with other high schools. >> eve yeare have a different theme. so this year we had landmarks and locations. and we built thede gol gate bridge, along with alcatraz island, and so byaking it fun and having a competition it makes it more exciting. >> i'm holding the cup. we do a stanley cup style, we add the names to the side a go to the school who won. we had it the last two years. >> it'll stay at brawn run. the rrl win is loudon hunger relief which will be receiving all theans of food. >> still ahead, a story of much neededsupport. the local doctor volunteering his help in mow sam beak after a devastating cyclone. we are under a weather alert
4:37 pm
today, strong winds could take down trees and make a chilly start to the weekend. we have a severe thunderstorm warning for southern maryland, timing it out avr you, moving into deale right now, you the potential for hail and graupel. moving towards the prince frederick area just before:00 p.m. keep it with news4, doug and i have you covered. as these srms areto m [ ding ] shthe crown. [ ding ] show me homecoming.
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you fix dinner, tysons is recalling several chicken products. consumers complained tthe nsmpan saying they found small pieces of metale frozen chicken products. the affected packages all have a use by date of november 30th. we have complete details of the recall on the nbc washington app. check it out if you w which fruits and skrveggies to buy conventio and which organic. we have the dirty dozen list, prode with the most pesticide residue. straerries topped the list,
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followed by spinach and le. nectarines and apples rounded out the last five. produce with the least amount includes avocados, corn, pineapple, sweet peas and onions. some say the products are safe, though. we found something that may not be as safe as what's thought. a florida man is suing royal cruise lines after a freak accident. casey holiday wasng u the sky pad on one of the ship's. one of the cords snapped and holiday said he fell 20 feet onto the deck below. he's in aai wheel and will likely need a hip replacent. holiday saysassengers should
4:42 pm
think twice about safety before using any attractions like these. the spring season is starting with flooding and it's likely to get worst. forecasterredict floods could reach historic levels this one area still reeling froms danger rising waters, the midwest. heavy rainfall plus rapidly melts snow caused immense flooding across the missouri river basin. still to come, a young girl with a powerful message. >> how this 12-year-old from alexandria is getting international attention ande' getting her own web series after that speech she gave on gun violence in america. we continue to remain in stm team 4 weather alert mode with a severe thunderstorm ff with a severe thunderstorm ff warning in et for southern [female voiceo penfed car buying service
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if you're just joining us a severenderstorm warning up for most of our area. getting reports of hail and thunder across the region. doug and amelia are tracking the storm and they'll be back in an update minutes from now. much needed medil help is on the way to mozambique. more than00 1 people are feared dead after a cyclone hit there last week. we're introduced to a doctor prepared t leave the comforts of his private practice behind to help complete strangers halfway around the world. atory you'll see only on news4. a giverter: he's as a pediatrician he spent the last four decadesiving his time and care to the most vulnerable of patients. >> i grew up in brazil where you
4:46 pm
see a lot of need. a lot of needy people. it gives me purpose and connection with incredible people. >> reporter: tomorrow,r. g., as he's known to his patients will leaveisractice for mozambique. >> it looks like an ocean. >>. >> reporter: the nation has practically been swallowed by water. the doctor will work with project hope provide much needed medical care as rescue efforts continu a justs he did followg hurricanes maria, harvey, and florence. >> you realize one, how small your problems can be. if it's holding hands to moving furniture, to doing emergency care i'm there for them zplr because that's what givers do. yet after each trip into a disaster zone and seeing the
4:47 pm
faces of people in their darkest hour, dr. g. comes away feeling like he's thet' one t been given so much. >> it's very gratifying to see that. just keeps me going. gives me the strength to keep doing it. >> reporte cory smit news4. let's get back to our big story of the day. a wther alert thunderstorm warning across the region. >> what's the word right now, guys? >> the word right now. this is making its way through southern maryland, amazing what we've seen. we saw sunshine, temperatures into the 50s, then the severe line of storms go through, dropping graupel, il, heavy rain and temperatures as well. >> we saw gusts over 50 miles an hour of wind and parts of our areaealing with heavy rainfall. >> this includes charles county, calvert county, st. mary's
4:48 pm
county until 5:00. this is coming through northern calvert. if you live in the huntington area, princeer frk, this is coming your way, right here through southern portions of prince george's county along the river, towards mechanicsville. that's not the only line we're looking at. look at this, guys. we have rain and snow back to the west and this line right here is nowg comhrough our area. this coming through frederick county, down through parts of loudon county. th one will most likely not have severe winds but could still have 40 to 50 mile an hour winds where we could see small hail or graupel with this one as well. and behind that, all bets are off. things change b time as we make our way through the night tonight. heading o tonight you need to undle up, tomorrow morning too.
4:49 pm
>>absolutely. first let's talk about your evening. seeing rarain-cooled temres across the region. washgton coming in at 41 degrees. we're under the gun with the chance for rain over the next couple of hours. by 7:00 p.m. seeing rain out of the d.c. metro area. in southern marylan rain is over for you by about 8:00, 9:00 p.m. it is still windy out there even once the rain moves out of the area we'll continue to track strong wind gusts overnight, a wind advisory in effect until midnight. skies clear o by 11:00 p.m. with a temperature of 41. here are yr wind chills throughout the day tomorrow. we'll see gusts tomorrow of 30 to 40 miles an hour on your saturday. 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. it's feeling 24 degrees. ev cooler in the more rural areas. found lunchtime tomorrow it's feeling aboutezing out there. it's going to be a chilly saturday heading out early to run errands, go for a jog,
4:50 pm
definitely want to bundle up. 56 e seeing a high o degrees tomorrow. we have plenty of sunshine in the forecast from start to finish. so although it's chilly, it's going to look pleasant outside. sunday we warm up and lose the winds but increasing clouds througnut the day sunday. 8:00 a.m. a chilly 39 degrees. by 5:00 p.m. a temperature around 63. a nice finish to the weekende althouhave more clouds moving in. tibut we're tracking the heavy rains and t wind adviso still in effect. >> we haven't y sho the wind advisory we were showing you the thunderstorms. these are the winds behind the system. look at it, the wind advisory throughout the night tonight, brown, western montgomery county, northern fauquier county. the res of the area, including the d.c. metro area, winds over 40 miles per hour.
4:51 pm
temperature wise tomorrow, a cold start tomorrow but not terrible in the afternoon, 56 with nshine, even though we'll see windy conditions. shower activity on monday, a cold tuesday and wednesday. and next l weekking really nice. opening day for the nationals next thursday,ee0 de i'll be down there. looking good there. i'm looking forward to65. i really would like 72. that sounds perfect. >> don't get greedy. >> true. good point. >> we want it, too, hadoug. w our own brand of sunshine here in the studio with us. a very impressive young lady joining usis lady here, at 12 years of age,ng she is chanhe world one conversation at a time. naomi wadler delivered ape powerfulh last year about gun violence. andow this alexandria native is teaming up with ellen degeneres for a digital series. >> it highlights people using
4:52 pm
their platform for good. her first interview with her idol, tennis super star, serena williams. >> i wanted t talk about how gun violence affected blackn. wo >> i was affected personally. my sister passed from that. people are talking about it now because it's happening more widespread. our been affecting community for years. >> why do you think it's important to have these difficult conversations? >> i think we need toet comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations. going tos are never get better if you avoid it. you have to take things head on. >> joining us in studio is naomi watt. >> thank you for having me. i'm excited to be >> you must have been excited interviewing serena williams, your id. she's a big superstar. >> she is. i played f tennis about 7 and a half years now and just meeting the woma the black woman who is the face of the
4:53 pm
so coolport was >> you've had a lot of cool moments like that since your speech on the national mall. you had ellen degeneres and george clooney on the phone. what's that like? >> this year has been ft paced. i can't believe it's been a year, seems like it's only been a week. we've gotte so much done, the activists and speakers who are really trying to do good. we've gotten so much done and we're going to continue. >> let's talk about more about your message of empowerment. who are you trying to reach? >> girls of colo specifically black girls because so often they don't know they are wor something and they see these terrible portrayals of them in the ne. and they see these racist comics news. and they might think, just like i did, they didn't have any self-worth. so my goal is to inspire them and help them find their voice. >> that's what you're gng to
4:54 pm
be doing? >> yes. >> give us an idea. >> the show is me talking to, for example, a pakistani woman who is really a self-love activist. it was cool talking with her because i've always felt down about myself, i don't like the way i look,e so to be a to talk to an older woman who is so confident in herself and accepts the facts she has down days is cool. the show i about inspiring girls of colors. >> sounds like your work has inspired you. >> yeah. >> what do you want to do when you grow up? if i can say that. >> i want to be the executive o presidenthe "new york times." >> we've heard this. i heard you say that. you must get a lot of e-mail and a lot of messages from people around the world? >> i it's so when i hear that i've impacted somebody else's day. that means that i'm saying and doing matters to people. that's the best feeling i the
4:55 pm
world. >> don't stop now young lady. you're getting offea to a start. you can watch all six episodes on friday on ellen and ellen's youtube channel. follow her on social media. >> in case you werewondering, meghan markle and priok are still friends. but first, amelia clark said she nearly suffered two brain an rims while she was filming "game of thrones". she had two brain surgeries to keep her ive. jennifer lopez is celebrating herda 50th bir with a tour, it's my party is the tour and it comes to d.c., capital one arena on july 17th. there were rumors that meghan markle and pre janikacho
4:56 pm
a were no longe friends. what the record was set straight. the two are cool.i'
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folks again as storm team 4 tracks showers and strong winds out there. doug and amelia snding by with details. a sking feeling, adam tuss with the fallout after a large s sink hole causes a shutdown on the gw parkway. what we know about the cause and how long it could take to fix. new information in the case the police say a man preyed on college students. new victims coming forward saying they were sexually assaulted o. we begin this evening with a weather alert as a line strong storms barrels through our area. i'm erika gonzalez in for wendy rieger >> check them out, folks. i'm jim handly. this is a live look outside our studios coming up, it's n quite that dark. this is radar, but these storms e fast moving and fierce. packing quite a punch when they
5:00 pm
arrive. we want to show you video from just about a hour ago. this is the ctyson'sner area, that is hail covering the windshield of our crew car. out of our windows we saw graupel and light hail, too. this covered part of the roadway in a layer of white there. >> we have this photo, hail stacked up on the window. let's get to the latest now with doug kammerer. seems like where you live you're eing different things. >> 100%. amazing what we have outme ther. reas about to the severe weather, oth aas seeing sunshine. still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. it just expired but i wouldn't be surprised if they put out a new warning with this storm. you can see the line here making its way down to thesouth. we have seen


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